Farmers launch podcast to give insight into agriculture

A group of four farmers – which includes Farmers Weekly columnist and blogger Matthew Naylor – have launched a new podcast aimed at giving the public an insight into their lives and businesses.

The Pure Tilth podcast aims to offer “the fresh voice for food”.

The group also includes communications expert Clare Wise who farms in the north east and was previously the on-farm manager for the Red Meat Industry Forum, Hertfordshire farmer Ian Piggott who was the founder of Open Farm Sunday and Shropshire farmer Tim Teague who supplies Hereford beef to a major supermarket.

The group has a selection of podcasts on offer which can be listened to via the computer or by subscribing to them from iTunes.

The selection so far includes ones where they discuss the mistakes they have made on the farms, the rights and wrongs of chicken production systems and the cringeworthy experiences they have had while public speaking.