Photo of the Week: Jack lends a hand to Daylesford’s Lleyn ewe

Young person helping a Lleyn ewe give birth to triplets

© Matthew Gorman

Pictured here is Jack, helping this ewe on the Daylesford Organics Farm to birth it’s triplets. All three lambs are healthy and doing well.

Last Saturday, visitors flocked to Daylesford’s popular lambing tours, which have been going for nearly 18 years.

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Head of PR and marketing Matt Gorman said: “[The lambing tours] were born out of a desire to raise the profile of British farming, and educate children and the public where their food comes from and that farming isn’t simply a food commodity factory.

“It’s a feeling, caring business, full of passionate families and people who care deeply about livestock, producing high-quality food and feeding the public.

“At Daylesford, we believe in truth, trust and transparency. Guests experience both the highs and lows of farming, so they can best understand and appreciate how difficult an industry it is that produces their food.”

A lambing tour at Daylesford Organic Farm

A lambing tour at Daylesford Organic Farm © Matt Gorman

Guests meet outside the farm shop and are transported over to the lambing sheds on a 15-minute tractor trailer ride.

Farms managing director Richard Smith then explains the whole process – from rams out to ewes, to ewes coming in to be sheared and scanned, through to lambing in April.

“We time the tours in the first 17 days of April, so the odds are greatly in guests’ favour for seeing lambs being born and, to date, on every tour, guests have seen lambs being born.

“This year one tour saw a lamb being wet adopted.

“Guests are not just our regular shoppers or local people who come on the tours. At the weekend, we had a family come from Northampton and the tours are very popular with London people.”

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