Upload your farming photos and videos to FW’s new galleries

We’ve got some exciting news for all of our snap-happy readers – Farmers Weekly’s galleries are back and they’re better than ever before.

Earlier this year we launched our new and improved website that’s quicker to load, makes it easier to manage your account and brings you the Know How centre, where you’ll find all our in-depth articles, from the latest expert insights and best-practice advice to workshop tips, tools and videos.

While all this was great, it meant that we lost our ever-popular galleries for a while. Now the service is back and you’ll certainly notice the upgrades.

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We’ve binned the old interface and replaced it with a sleek and mobile-friendly version that allows you to upload your photos and videos with just a few clicks. It’s also much easier to browse all of the other amazing photos and video clips shared by our readers.

So far four galleries have been created for you to share your snapshots of life on and off the farm:

  • Weather Watchers – whether it’s too wet, too dry, too hot or too cold, British farmers love to talk about the weather. Why not go one better and take a photo of the conditions on your farm? In times of extreme weather we’ll be sharing your pictures and videos. Think thunderstorms, flooding, drought, snow, frosts and rainbows.
  • Farm selfies – these never fail to bring a smile to our faces at FW Towers. Grab a quick selfie with your family, friends and livestock while out and about and upload it to this fun-filled gallery. We’ll share our favourites on our social media channels, online and in the magazine.
  • Farmlife Framed – if you’d like to get a photo featured in our regular round-up of reader pictures in the magazine and online then this is the gallery you need to be uploading to. From the scenic and the serious to the cute and the funny, we can’t get enough of your farming snaps.
  • Harvest photo competition 2018 – share your photos of the great British harvest and we’ll pick our favourite to feature on  the front cover of Farmers Weekly magazine towards the end of the harvest season. Here are some of our favourites entered so far:
Combine cutting wheat © Tom Hadley

© Tom Hadley

This vibrant shot of a John Deere S685 combining winter wheat in North Lincolnshire was taken by Tom Hadley.

Dog bounding across harvested field © Laurel Bowes

© Laurel Bowes

Laurel Bowes’ picture of 16-week-old pup Ginny bounding across freshly cut straw in Watton, Norfolk, is sure to put a smile on your face.

Harvest sunset © Carl Grundy

© Carl Grundy

Carl Grundy uploaded this great photo of a Lexion 770 pressing on as the evening draws to a close in East Yorkshire.

Will Jones clearing mud from combine header © Alexander Winslade

© Alexander Winslade

Alexander Winslade took this photo of his friend Will Jones doing a little mud removal on the combine’s header.

Harvest sihouette © Steven Sutton

© Steven Sutton

This fantastic combine silhouette was captured by Steven Sutton.

Deer and pigeon in crop © Charlotte Watlow

© Charlotte Watlow

Charlotte Watlow spotted this deer and pigeon wisely making a run for it as she watched combining in a neighbouring field.

Tips for taking a great farm photo

Be sure to send your photos in as high resolution as possible – the higher the better for print quality. They can be cute, funny, romantic – pretty much anything goes (within reason).

Not only is there a chance that they will appear in the magazine and on our website in our regular Farmlife Framed feature, there’s a chance they could be shared on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

Images need to be high-resolution – that’s about 2,400 pixels wide or a minimum 2MB file size ideally. When uploading to our galleries, don’t forget to tell us a bit about the photo including where it was taken.