The Game Fair 2018: Best dressed steal the show

Stylish – and striking – outfits were the order of the day at the Game Fair, which took place at Ragley Hall from 28 July to 29 July.

The Farmlife fashionistas were among the crowds, chatting to a few of the people who caught their eye as they toured the wonderful Warwickshire event.

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Tweed is a perennially popular choice – although, as temperatures soared on the first day, jackets were often dispensed with. Here’s gamekeeper Richard Bailey from the Peak District.

Richard Bailey © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Beth Wilder sporting an item of Mackenzie and George headwear. “I love hats,” she said. “They make an outfit – and friends can spot me from a distance in this one!”

Beth Wilder © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Lance Corporal Alex Lilburn, one of the Red Devils, always enjoys meeting a rural crowd. “Half of my family are military and the other half are farmers,” said Alex, who’s done more than 800 jumps with the Parachute Regiment’s display team.

Alex Libern © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

His trademark red braces meant Justin Urquhart-Stewart stood out in the debate theatre, where the co-founder of Seven Investment Management chaired discussions on how landowners can protect their assets against a potential Corbyn government.

Justin Urquhart-Stewart © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Olivia Woodes Rogers (left) and Zoe Jameson take in some of the sights on a quick break from their duties with Dubarry of Ireland.

Olivia Woodes-Rogers and Zoe Jameson © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Denis Gwatkin from Herefordshire was striking more from a hirsute than a sartorial point of view. Having had the big beard for three years, he’s now considering shaving it off for charity.

Denis Gwatkin © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Sam Hebburn-Heath, a regular at the Game Fair, made the trip up from the farm in Dorset.

Sam Hebburn-Heath © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Gareth Otley from Cardiff certainly stood out in the crowds. “I’m getting a few second looks,” he laughed.

Gareth Otley © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Katie Dalglish, despite travelling all the way to Warwickshire from Perthshire, made sure she brought this snazzy hat.

Katie Dalglish © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Alexander Spinocchia was at the event with the tailors and shirtmakers Cad and the Dandy.

Alexander Spinocchia © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Clementine Moody, who works for fine art dealer Callaghans of Shrewsbury, enjoyed the sunshine. “I’m just glad it’s not raining,” she said.

Clementine Moody © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

Like a lot of people, Doug Coombes from Cheshire had a potential purchase in mind. He was on the lookout for a new gun.

Doug Coombes © Tim Scrivener

© Tim Scrivener

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