10 stress-busting tips shared by farmers

Farmers have taken to social media to improve their health and wellbeing by sharing stress-busting tips with other growers and livestock producers.

Combating stress is among the top challenges facing growers and livestock producers, according to a survey undertaken as part of the Fit2Farm campaign by Farmers Weekly.

Some 28% of farmers and farm workers want to know more about how to manage stress in the workplace, the study reveals.

Almost as many respondents (25%) said they would benefit from techniques to help them stop worrying about work all the time.

Designed to highlight the importance of healthy farmers to healthy farm businesses, the study was carried out in association with Bayer and Isuzu.

Farmers responded in their droves to a request asking them to share stress-busting tips on Twitter.

1. Many farmers use exercise as a way to wind down and ease workload pressures.

2. Although some sports are more extreme than others

3. Russell McKenzie takes a more relaxed approach

4. Lincolnshire farmer Paul Davey believes laughter really is the best medicine

5. Sometimes no words are needed

6. NFU deputy president looks to the wartime experiences of his uncle and grandfather

7. Simply slowing down is often its own reward

8. Yorkshire sprayer operator Mark Turner says photography is a good distraction

9. Avoiding social media and going for a walk is popular too

10. And you don’t always have to get away from the farm