How to Look Good Naked… on the farm

Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked is seeking a group of male or female farmers who need a confidence boost about the way they look.

The programme, now in its fourth series, aims to show women how to look good with their clothes on and off.

But programme makers are working up a new segment which will involve groups of co-workers getting pampered and preened – both male and female.

The main part of the show sees presenter Gok Wan take one woman who is insecure about her body on a journey from body loathing to body loving.

Photo shoot

The show culminates in a tasteful, naked photo shoot which demonstrates how much confidence the participant has gained by taking part.

However, researchers are also looking for a group of male or female farmers – of any shape and size – that know each other and would like to go on a journey with Gok to become more confident about their bodies.

The end product would be a beautiful Calendar girls-style photo shoot directed by Gok that the group would get to take home and cherish.

They are looking for people that answer ‘yes’ to the following sort of questions:

  • Do you and your friends avoid looking at yourselves in the mirror naked?
  • Do you and your friends have issues with your bodies?
  • Do you feel you need help to boost your confidence?
  • Would you love to feel great with your clothes off – and on?

To find out more about being on the programme, call us on 0207 874 6660 or email

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