‘I have developed so much as a person’

Royal Agricultural College

I am currently in my third year studying Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester.

I can honestly say that I love my university. Not only is it offering me a fantastic education, I have made some brilliant friends for life, been offered opportunities to gain skills transferable into the workplace, am situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty but I am also having a ball doing it!

My lecturers have been great over the last few years and due to the size of the college I am not a number but a name to them. I get loads of support and encouragement, not just with regard to my course but opportunities within the industry.

I have developed so much as a person and built on my skills to ensure that I am in the best position when I graduate.

This is all quite away from the view some people have of us ‘aggies’. Recently someone compared us to Labradors in a magazine article – how rude! We may wear tweed, drive too fast and have kept the port industry going for over 166 years but none of us are stupid, far from it.

I have so much respect for those not only on my course but across the college; people from all over the world have become friends and learning about their systems and challenges in different types of businesses and organisations gives us a diverse education.

We also have the best motto – work hard, play harder and I have definitely stuck to it!

writes Rebecca Veale

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