New NFU survey shows popularity of farmers

City dwellers may have mixed views on farmers, but rural people are overwhelmingly positive towards them, so reveals a new survey by NFU Countryside.

The poll, which involved 4000 people in rural communities, showed that more than 90% either have a ‘positive’ or a ‘very positive’ view of the contribution of farmers to the countryside.

Four-fifths of those questioned also believed that farmers should be paid for environmental measures, such as maintaining hedgerows and repairing stone walls.

More than 90% were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their life in the country, citing the space, the community and the quietness as the most important aspects.

But there are some concerns. “The high council tax for virtually no services,” was one comment. “The way illegal drugs are becoming endemic even in the smallest villages,” was another.

One respondent also referred to the lack of authority, claiming “there is no police back-up when jobs rampage around the village”.

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