NFU presidential vote draws closer and the battle is hotting up

The race to be elected president of the NFU remains close with just days to go before the election.

The three candidates standing for the role are current president Tim Bennett, deputy president Peter Kendall and Farmers For Action chairman David Handley.

The vote will take place on 28 Feb.

Mr Bennett told Farmers Weekly on Wednesday (22 Feb) that he felt he had a good chunk of the industry behind him and he believed he was the only candidate with the influence and credibility to “open doors”.

But his deputy Peter Kendall, who claims the industry is in a make-or-break situation, was also reporting “very good support”, which he said was very encouraging.

Three of the union’s commodity board chairman have already come out in support of Mr Kendall and he is understood be winning support in areas like Devon, Cornwall and Warwickshire.

Speaking after a Better NFU meeting in Cumbria, Mr Handley said that he felt he should be in with a chance, because he was getting strong support during farmer meetings.

He believes that the other two candidates had failed in key policy areas over the past two years, so are unlikely to bring about any change in the future.

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