Photos: Autumn in the countryside

Autumn is a beautiful time in the British countryside, so we asked the winner of Farmers Weekly’s Photography Competition 2015, Katy Gambles, to provide a sense of the season on camera.

From young calves and golden leaves to tractor work and dusky scenes, Katy’s been out and about with her camera in her home county of Lincolnshire – but scenes like these will be familiar to readers across the country.

Silhouette of cow and dog

© Katy Gambles

Tractor in a field

© Katy Gambles

Man and dog standing field

© Katy Gambles

Farming landscape with stone wall in foreground

© Katy Gambles

Farming landscape and calf

© Katy Gambles

We also asked Katy for five easy-to-follow tips for capturing great snaps of this “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. 

Magical mornings

Autumn is great for photographing misty landscapes and if you get out early, you can often find a shallow layer of mist sitting at ground level. This can look magical through a lens.

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To boost the richness of the colours in an autumn landscape, set the white balance to “shade” or “cloudy”. Alternately, use a polarising filter for a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera.


In dull weather, head for woodland as you will find it offers countless possibilities.

Rule of odds

A photograph will generally appear to have more balance and beauty with an odd number of image elements. So if you have an even number of trees in your photo, it’s best to recompose slightly so there is an odd number instead.

Bring the autumn indoors

If it’s grim outdoors, you don’t even need to leave the house. Collect colourful, fallen leaves and create a natural still life at home. Use the macro setting or a macro lens to photograph close up. Experiment by holding a leaf up against a window to see the hidden detail.

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