Photos: Lockdown haircuts – share your triumphs and fails

One small – but very noticeable – aspect of lockdown life is that none of us are visiting barbers or hairdressers.

On farms across the country, people’s hair is growing long and getting unkempt, prompting many to resort to DIY haircuts.

Often, we’re asking our family and friends to do the honours – with results that range from the surprisingly good to the downright awful.

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As a bit of fun in these difficult and worrying time, we hope you’ll share photos of your lockdown haircuts – good and bad.

To kick off, here’s what happened when three of the Farmers Weekly team let their other halves loose with scissors and clippers.

The consensus seems to be that Edd Mowbray’s wife, Danielle, did a fantastic job on her first-ever trim. “It’s even managed to shave a few stone from my chops,” said Edd.

Meanwhile Farmlife editor Oli Hill’s partner, Hollie, did a pretty good shearing job (even if it makes him look slightly scary).

Receiving fewer plaudits all round was Isabel, who cut Farmlife writer Tim Relf’s hair. “Friar Tuck with ringworm” and “a Norman soldier with mange” were among the descriptions applied to her handiwork.

“It looked like a cow started chewing your hair,” one social media user commented. “What did she do it with, a knife and fork?” one asked. “The best laugh I’ve had for a long time,” another said.

Given there’s so much bad news around, let’s have a few moments of light relief by sharing some of our home haircut photos – whether stunningly styled or badly butchered.

You can send them to us on Facebook, or tag us on Twitter and Instagram.

Shear Isolation lockdown haircut challenge

You might even like to take part in the #shearisolation charity challenge which has been launched by Scene & Heard, a public relations and marketing firm, to raise funds for the Royal Highland Education Trust, the RSABI and The Trussell Trust.

They’re calling on people to video the process, post it to social media using the hashtag #shearisolation, nominate three friends to do the same and then donate a minimum of £3 to one of the three charities on the Just Giving page.

“Simply use your scissors, clippers, shears (or whatever you have) to shave that hair, trim your fringe, tidy up the kids’ hair, get rid of that beard or clip your pets – all for charity,” said Anna Davies, director of Scene & Herd.

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