10 of the best Highland cow photos ever taken

These beautiful photos are all courtesy of Fiona Cox, who owns of 22 Highland cows, and a wildlife photographer who goes by the name Villager Jim.

Fiona and Jim run a Facebook page called Love Highlands, on which they share stories and photographs of Highland cows. It is a fairly easy task as they are so full of character and photogenic.

Jim, from Derbyshire, says that the Facebook page works well because he is a “country lane photographer” so captures lots of great shots while out in the Peak District, and Fiona is able to share stories about the cows as she lives with 22 of them near Stamford in Lincolnshire.

“We’ve both got a love for Highland cows. [The Facebook page] is a complete sideline – partially just for fun, but if it turns into something, that’s great,” says Jim.

Here are 10 of our favourite photos from Love Highlands:

Love Highlands 1

© Love Highlands

A clean behind the ears for this little one.

Love Highlands 2

© Love Highlands

This is Daphne “after a blue rinse”. Believe it or not, her hair hadn’t actually been dyed.

Love Highlands 3

© Love Highlands

Snuggled: Molly the cow with her calf definitely have the “ahhhh” appeal.

Love Highlands

© Love Highlands

Highland calf Buddy and Larry the lamb were both orphans and became great friends. They’re now both a year old and “still never more than 6ft apart,” says Villager Jim, the photographer.

© Love Highlands 5

© Love Highlands

One of the less polite poses.

© Love Highlands 6

© Love Highlands

Winning: Lila the cow and her calf Isabel of Chater won female champion and overall breed champion of the highland classes at the Rutland Country Show.

© Love Highlands 7

© Love Highlands

Curls and long lashes.

© Love Highlands 8

© Love Highlands

The fringe.

© Love Highlands 9

© Love Highlands

Fiona sharing an issue of their favourite mag with one of the youngsters.

© Love Highlands 10

© Love Highlands

The fluffiest calf we have ever seen, just catching some rays.