Photos: Villager Jim’s best autumn photos

Villager Jim is a hugely popular photographer in the rural world, but no one knows his real name. 

He’s based in the beautiful Peak District, which provides the perfect hunting ground for some great snaps.

We asked Villager Jim to share some of his best photos from this autumn with us, and here they are. Enjoy…

Limousin cows in front of house

© Villager Jim

Villager Jim was asked by David, the farm manager at Chatsworth to try and get a shot of some of the Limousin herd in front of the house.

Jim was running out of time given that the cattle were soon to be housed for winter, but on Sunday 13 November, Daisy posed just perfectly and the above snap was born.

Sheep and golf cart

© Villager Jim

Also captured at Chatsworth were these sheep in the golf buggies which will soon be on a canvas on the farm office wall.

Villager Jim captioned this one: “Come on Shirley. We are going to be late teeing off…”

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A pheasant taking flight

© Villager Jim

Up, up and away… this pheasant take off was on the Beeley Moor in Derbyshire.

Highland cow

© Villager Jim

In the wake of the recent US election results, Villager Jim named this one Donald Trump.

Tikka the pheasant

© Villager Jim

This lady is called Tikka. If you can spot her among the leaves.

A pig

© Villager Jim

Villager Jim was fairly certain if this little pig could speak it would have said: “Oi mister… got any nuts?”

Border by the fireside

© Villager Jim

With the temperature dropping as winter takes hold, don’t we all want to spend a little more time in front of the fire.

Villager Jim’s huge photographic collection is available on a selection of gifts, prints and greetings cards at

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