Pick-ups for Peace donates 100 vehicles to Ukrainian military

Pick-ups for Peace, a charity set up by British farmers to aid the Ukrainian army, has met its goal of delivering 100 4×4 vehicles to troops on the war-torn country’s front line.

Donated by farmers from across the UK, the vehicles have been driven in convoys across the Polish border and into Ukraine, with many of the volunteer drivers hailing from the agricultural sector.

So far, a total of 104 vehicles have been donated, all of which will allow the armed forces to move vital resources, along with wounded soldiers, to and from the front line.

Group of farmers and soldiers with Ukrainian flag

© Pick-ups for Peace

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Pick-ups for Peace co-founder Vince Gillingham said: “Each convoy is getting bigger – there were 66 volunteers in the most recent one – and the momentum behind the charity is awe-inspiring.

“A dozen of the participants were under the age of 25 and had raised thousands of pounds each to donate and transport a vehicle. Others have given vehicles even though they will struggle to replace them.”

Now that the charity has reached its original goal, it is extending its mission and has set a new target to deliver another 100 vehicles.  

Mark Laird, another of the charity’s co-founders, recently returned from the fourth convoy to Ukraine. He said: “The UK’s farming and rural community are fundamental to this cause, and we are deeply grateful to all those who have funded us so far, as well as the 160 volunteers who have driven vehicles.

“We won’t give up. Russia wants us to get bored and back off, but we are doubling down.” 

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