‘Pig Brother’ plans slammed

PLANS FOR a celebrity reality TV show set on a farm have come in for criticism from the Farmers‘ Union of Wales, the BBC reports.

The union‘s leaders have warned that animals can be unintentionally harmed.

The planned programme has been dubbed ‘Pig Brother‘ by leaders of the FUW.

The show will see celebrities performing various tasks on a farm, including tending to the animals.

According to the BBC, there is speculation the farm could be based in Wales.

While the company producing the show said that it would portray farming in a positive light, FUW vice-president Alan Gardner was critical of the concept.

“It would be grossly irresponsible to simply dump a group of unskilled people on a farm without adequate training and constant supervision,” he said.

“There is a real danger that animals could be harmed during the making of this show, not through malice but by the ignorance of the participants.”

The planned series in the UK is based on France‘s La Ferme Celebrites, taken from America‘s The Farm.

A month back, the BBC reported that the producers of the French reality TV show were being sued over claims that animals died on set.

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