Pumping out excess water

Electronic Tags

WESTFALIA SURGE has made a further development in the world of electronic animal recognition.Cattle were previously equipped with chunky transponders on collars or strapped to their legs. These are expensive, typically costing about 50 each. The company now uses circular electronic eartags which cost 2 each. An antenna is fitted at the entrance to the parlour which recognises each animal as it enters. Feeding and milk recording can then be automated and individual animal data is displayed on parlour computer terminals (01908 589600 or www.westfaliasurgeltd.com).

Pumping out excess water

 A TYPICAL BRITISH spring brings with it much rain and excess water – sometimes a pump is the only solution to the problem. Bradford-based Thorite has launched a new range of stainless-steel submersible pumps which are claimed to offer total corrosion resistance. Designed for use in adverse conditions, the SIP range includes three models ranging from 0.4hp to 1hp – boasting flow rates from 80 litres/min up to 200 litres/min. Supplied with a 10m mains cable, the pumps are fitted with float switches. Prices start from 56 (0800 0345 850 or www.thorite.co.uk).

Compact Torch

 HAND-TOOL specialist Gerber has launched a new series of compact light emitting diode (LED) torches. LX torches use LEDs rather than bulbs to maximise battery life. Rated at 3W, they will illuminate objects up to 45m (150ft) away. Manufactured from aluminium and 18cm (7in) long, they make an ideal addition to any toolbox, according to the firm. Priced at 49.99, LX torches will burn for over 50 hours on three AA-sized batteries (www.gerberblades.com).

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