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Bleus led the way in the interbreed sheep pairs competition, with Percy Tait’s shearling ram and Sally Johnson’s shearling ewe seeing off competition from the Teeswater pairing from Andrew Fisher.

Dynamic duo….The Charolais pairing took top honours in the beef section of the Burke competition. Second was the widely admired brace of Limousins, with the Welsh Blacks picking the best native award.

Milky Quintet….Standing top in the interbreed team of five dairy class was this milky line up of Holsteins. They narrowly pipped the jerseys to top spot.


Black in vogue … An Aberdeen Angus took the beef interbreed championship for the first time since 1976. The six year old Shadwell Estates bull Justin Eric X47 of Blelack was led out by Farmers Weekly‘s very own Chrissie Lawrence

First place on first outing … The Bleu du Maine shearling ram owned by Percy Tait took the sheep interbreed ticket on his first show outing this year.

High yielding Holstein champ Dalesend Storm Maude took the interbreed dairy award for Hefin Wilson. The fourth calver produced 16,000kg in her thrid lactation.

Berkshire Beauty … Chris Coe and kevin Major‘s Berkshire sow Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 24 headed up the field in the interbreed compertition.


Leading the Texel classes was this ewe from Selkirk-based breeder Gordon Gray.

Limmy winner….Clinching top spot in the British Limousin classes was this cow Ronick McAinsi from the Mash family’s Brockhurst herd.

Hefty Hereford….Top spot in the Hereford classes was taken by this bull, Costhorpe 1 Voyager, from the Coates and English partnership.

Chunky Charolais….Roundshill Norma took top spot in the Charolais classes with her September 2003-born calf at foot.

Showy Simmy….Heading up the Simmental line-up was Darsham’s Kit Kat from Paul Clements’ Stowmarket-based Darsham’s herd.

Roger Clemens’ 1996-born bull Penrose Stonehedging Summers took top honours in the South Devon classes, beating off competition from the Tully family’s bull Waddeton Ann’s Poll Jubilee.


Best Beltie….Carolyn Fletcher’s year old Belted Galloway bull, Barwise Jigsaw, took the top breed ticket at the Royal Show on Sunday for the Cumbria-based breeder.

Ruffle rules…..the top placed Galloway had come from close to the breed’s home at Castle Douglas in Kircudbrightshire. The cow Marbrack Ruffle, owned by Mr A McMillan, was bred by the F and J Hunter Blair.

Peter Clark took the Large Black sow Popularburn Warbler, bred by A Gregory, to the top of the breed at the Royal Show.

Lucky Lim-cross Lady… A Limousin cross female, Lady Luck, shown by Elved Williams took the Commercial Beef title at the Royal. The 16 month old was bred by A Davies.

Highland Queen…. Elizabeth of Chadwick, a five year old cow shown with calf at foot, took top honours in the Highland classes for the Monk family from Bromsgrove in Worcs.

A two-shear ewe shown by the Northumberland-based group James W Brown and others, became the Border Leicester breed champion at the Royal Show on Sunday.

Hot heifer…. Mr and Mrs J W Stanley’s 18-month old heifer Blackbrook Natasha became Longhorn breed champion, having made the journey from Coalville, Leics.

Local leader….The top placed Tamworth pig, Stoneymoor Golden Standard, was shown by local breeder Bill Howes from Kenilworth, Warks. The young boar, just under six months old, was placed ahead of Boyton Farms mature sow Berkswell Princess 47.

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Full results:


Burke Beef Championship Charolais; res, Limousin.
Interbreed Shadwell Estates’ Aberdeen Angus bull Justin Eric X47 of Blelack; res, I C and S D Archer’s cow Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop.
Team of five Charolais; res, Limousin.
Marks and Spencers Beefbreeder Walter Smith Farms’ Limousin bull Roughley Unesco; res, D A Williams’ Limousin bull Wilodge Upshot.
Aberdeen Angus Shadwell Estates’ bull Justin Eric X47 of Blelack; res, B S and L M Ronan’s heifer Jerusalem Lady Heather.
Beef Shorthorn H Horrell’s bull Chapelton Promoter; res, J Biggar’s heifer Chapelton Gem 001.
Belgian Blue J Barber, G Brindley and J Smith’s bull Three Ways Superstar; res, J Barber and G Brindley’s cow Bringlee Sandy.
Belted Galoway C S Fletchers’ bull Barwise Jigsaw; res, J Strachey’s cow Southfield Dun Sabrina.
Blonde d’Aquitaine I C and S D Archer’s cow Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop; res, Hackleton Farms’ cow Hackleton Mozaic.
British White C L Barran’s bull Wispers Winsome; res, A Hamilton’s heifer Dallyashes Tagula.
Charolais J C Bostock’s cow Roundshill Norma; res, Messrs Turney’s heifer Hamilton Snowdrop.
Devon A J and P D Thomas’ heifer Bollowal Clara 1; res, E D Roper’s bull Forde Abbey Commadore.
Galloway A McMillan’s cow Marbrack Ruffle; res, Klondyke Farms’ bull Blackcraig Gusto.
Hereford H W Coates and P T English’s bull Costhorpe 1 Voyager; res, P T English’s heifer Panmure 1 Plum T9.
Highland M J and V M Monk’s cow Elizabeth of Chadwich; res, S D Brown’s bull Islay of Upper Cornabus.
Limousin W J and M Mash’s cow Ronick McAinsi; res, M J Brunton’s bull Sheelin Tiger.
Lincoln Red R J and G D Goodwin’s heifer Holyoak Orchid; res, H M and J M Needler’s heifer Walmer Lobelia F2.
Longhorn J W Stanley’s heifer Blackbrook Natasha; res, J and G Stanier’s bull Blackbrook Lionheart.
Murray Grey W and J Woolley’s heifer Earnshaw Nadine; res, L I Roberts’ cow Troytown Gussie.
Red Poll S A Gleed’s cow Fedw Gillyflower; res, J R G Crisp’s bull Uggleshall Soldier.
Salers W Burrows’ cow Hampton Keri; res, W Davidson’s bull Portos.
Simmental A R Clements and Partners’ cow Darshams Kit-Kat; res, J Barlow’s heifer Denizes Melody 2.
South Devon R Clemens’ bull CP A1 Penrose Stonehedging Summers; res, H Tully and Sons’ bull Z Waddeton Ann’s Poll Jubilee.
Sussex C E and W S Millson’s bull Trottenden Major 2; res, M K D Hind’s Maplesden Clemantine.
Welsh Black G and M Phillips bull Seisiog Cymro; res, K A Hughson and Partners’ heifer Caerynwch Gladys 43.
Commercial beef E Williams’ Limousin cross heifer Lady Luck; res, P Bodily’s Limousin cross heifer Red Night Lady.


Burke dairy championship Holstein; res, Ayrshire.
Supreme dairy A H Wilson and Son’s Holstein cow Dalesend Storm Maude; res, M A and R A Brown’s Ayrshire cow Sandyford Primrose 4.
Champion dairy heifer Smiddiehill Holsteins’ Primo Jed Celeste; res, A H Wilson and Son’s Jersey Tregibby Jude Jewel.
Team of five Holstein; res, Jersey.
Ayrshire M A and R A Brown’s cow Sandyford Primrose 4; res, J and K Rennie’s cow Brocklehill Escort.
Dairy Shorthorn G A Madeley’s cow Rodway Foggarthorpe Primrose 19; res, J C Hayward’s heifer Cotley Erin 68.
Dexter Munn and Bell’s cow Aiskew Chunky 2; res, S R Creasey’s heifer Langley End Laelia.
Guernsey J H, C M and J D Mann’s cow Trewey Juno 38; res, Leverhulme Farms’ heifer Treloweth Rachel 172.
Holstein A H Wilson and Sons’ cow Dalesend Storm Maude; res, B and V Davidson’s cow Stannock Formation Ricki.
Jersey Barnowl Jersey Stud’s cow Barnowl PLJ Isis; res, Smiddiehill Holsteins/Jerseys’ cow Ellerdine Lesters Amberlight 2.


Interbreed P Tait’s Bleu du Maine shearling ram; res, D F Daffurn and J Curtis’s Charollais shearling ewe.
Interbreed Pairs Bleu du Maine; res, Teeswater.
Badger Face Welsh Mountain J A Langford’s shearling ewe; res, J A Langford’s ram.
Beltex D Bishop’s shearling ewe; res, F Robinson’s shearling ram.
Berrichon du Cher G Green’s ram; res, Fraser and McGlothin’s ewe.
Black Welsh Mountain Kimberley and Dawson’s ram; res, E O Williams two shearling ewes.
Bleu du Maine P Tait’s shearling ram; res, S Johnson’s shearling ewe.
Bluefaced Leicester W Wearmouth and Son’s ewe; res, G Shapiro’s ram.
Border Leicester J W Brown and Others’ ewe; res, J W Brown and Others’ shearling ram.
Charollais D F Daffurn and J Curtis’ shearling ewe; res, P Tait’s shearling ram.
Clun Forest H R Robinson’s shearling ram; res, D Searle’s ram lamb.
Derbyshire Gritstone J Terry’s ram; res, J C Pickard’s shearling ewe.
Devon Closewool P A Dallyn’s shearling ewe; res, P A Dallyn’s ram.
Devon and Cornwall Longwool J A Darke’s shearling ewe; res, J A Darke’s ram.
Dorset Down W D Burrough and Sons’ shearling ram; res, W D Burrough and Sons’ ewe.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset P Laws’ shearling ewe; res, R Hole’s ram.
Exmoor Horn D and M Ridd and Son’s ram; res, D and M Ridd and Son’s shearling ewe.
Hampshire Down K and A McCarthy’s shearling ewe; res, C Horrell’s pair of ewe lambs.
Jacob S Dodsworth’s ram; res, M Leggate’s shearling ewe.
Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s ram; res, R and R Powell’s shearling ewe.
Leicester Longwool B and J Enderby’s shearling ewe; res, Polly Jones Teamwork’s shearling ewe.
Lincoln Longwool F Martin’s ram; res, F Martin’s shearling ewe.
Lleyn D and A Kelly’s ram; res, A and R Geldard’s ewe.
Lonk J Crowther’s shearling ewe;res, J C Pickard’s ram.
North Country Cheviot R and T Dun’s ram; res, J H Williams and Son’s ewe.
Oxford Down G C Watson and C J Grain’s ram lamb; res, E J and K F Dyde’s shearling ewe.
Rouge de l’Ouest S J Wright’s ewe; res, D R Jane’s shearling ewe.
Ryeland R Wear and B Norman’s ram; res, D Smillie’s shearling ram.
Shetland J Curtis’s ewe; res, S Watson’s ewe.
Southdown S Pond’s shearling ram; res, S Pond’s shearling ewe.
Suffolk W H Sinnett and Son’s ram lamb; res, T C and C A Harding’s shearling ewe.
Swaledale J A Alderson’s ram; res, G A Slack’s ewe.
Texel G H Gray’s ewe; res, S Currie’s shearling ram.
Vendeen C J and L Vernon-Miller’s ram; res, R N Howie and Partners’ shearling ewe.
Wensleydale J A and F Elliot’s ram; res, D A and A E Goodman’s shearling ewe in wool.
Wiltshire Horn R G Elliot’s ram; res, I Owen’s shearling ram.
Any other pure breed lowlandMV accredited S E Farquar’s Shrophsire shearling ram; res, A and S Andrews’ Blue Texel ram lamb.
Any other pure breed lowland non-MV accredited J Murray’s Romney ram; res, C J Sully’s Zwartbles.
Commercial sheep G and J A Sedgewick’s North Country Mule shearling ewes; res, P T Callow’s Suffolks x Scotch Halfbred gimmer lambs.
Special prime lamb live P J Houldley’s Beltex x Texel lambs; res, P J Houldley’s Beltex x Texel lambs.


Interbreed Glebe Farm Berkshires’ Berkshire sow Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 24; res, S J S Loveless’s Large White boar Port Bredy Field Marshal.
Interbreed male J Collings’ British Lop boar Liskeard Prince 23; res, S J S Lovesless’ Large White boar Port Bredy Field Marshal.
Interbreed female Glebe Farm Berkshires’ Berkshire sow Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 24; res, C D Vaughan’s Welsh sow Vinery Empress 4184.
Young pig interbreed Edwards and Thomas’ Saddleback sow Pantygawen Silverwings 26; res, A P and P C Rose’s Duroc Maddaford Rode.
Pigs pairs championship Berkshires; res, British Lop.
Mixed Pairs A P and P C Rose’s Duroc; res, P and M Reeder’s Welsh.
BPA pig of the year qualifier P and M Reeder’s Welsh boar Lopham Victor 18; res, J Newth’s Saddleback sow Prestcombe Dinah 28.
Berkshire Glebe Farm Berkshires’ sow Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 24; res, J Wykes-Sneyd Bruisyard Orlando 6.
British Lop T Osborne’s sow Oak Brae Harmony; res, J Collings’ boar Liskeard Prince 22.
British Saddleback S Samuels’ sow Chapel Avis 4; res, J Newth’s boar Prestcombe Carl 2.
Duroc A P and P C Rose’s boar Maddaford Rode 6; res, S J S Loveless’ sow Port Bredy Torntofte.
Gloucestershire Old Spot M V Hicks’ sow Blasdon Princess Mary; res, D Overton’s Exfold General 46.
Landrace S J S Loveless’ boar Sunrise Riber; res, S J S Lovesless’ sow Sunrise Ally 1010.
Large Black P Clark’s sow Poplarbarn Warbler; res, S J Richardson’s boar Tyldesley Super 24.
Large White S J S Lovesless’ boar Port Bredy Field Marshal; res, N J S Kiddy’s sow Withersfield Royal Catalina 19.
Middle White G Parker’s boar Cestrian Revival 16; res, J and H Herbert’s sow Dappleheath Dorothy 51.
Tamworth C G and S J Howes’ boar Stoneymoor Royal Standard;res, Boyton Farm’s sow Berkswell Princess 47.
Welsh C D Vaughan’s sow Vinery Empress 4184; res, P and M Reeder’s boar Lopham Victor 19.

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By Jonathan Long and Chrissie Lawrence


THE ABERDEEN Angus breed took its first Royal Show interbreed for nearly 30 years this week, with top spot taken by the senior bull, Shadwell Estates’ six-year-old Justin Eric X47 of Blelack.

Justin, who was led out by FW livestock reporter Chrissie Lawrence, immediately caught the eye of interbreed judge, the Limousin breeder Nick Hill from Somerset. “He is a modern bull, correct in every way and showing outstanding presence in the ring at all times.”

Taking reserve spot to the Angus was a stylish Blonde d’Aquitaine cow and calf from Coventry-based Ian and Sue Archer. Five-year-old Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop  presented herself well in front of Mr Hill. He believes the cow will have further success in the future.

In one of the show’s newest sections, the commercial beef classes, top honours went to Powys-based Elved Williams’s 15-month-old Limousin cross heifer Lady Luck. 

The Champion ticket in the interbreed beef team of five competition was clinched by the Charolais team, with reserve spot going to the widely admired Limousin team.

Other notable wins included Paul Clements’ Simmental cow Darshams Kit Kat, who picked up the breed championship ticket, one better then she managed at last weeks’ Royal Highland and a championship for the Stanley family in the hotly contested Longhorn classes.


CONTINENTALS REIGNED supreme in the sheep lines of this year’s Royal Show, with both the interbreed and reserve interbreed spots taken by imported breeds.

Top of the line was the Bleu du Maine champion from Percy Tait. Mr Tait’s shearling ram was on his first show outing this year and is also entered for the Royal Welsh.

The ram, from Mr Tait’s 30-ewe Worcester-based flock, was led out by professional sheep dresser and show-woman Carol Grain, as Mr Tait is in hospital recovering from a knee replacement operation.

Standing in reserve spot to the Bleu was a Charollais shearling ewe from the father and daughter team of Derrick Daffurn and Jennifer Curtis. The ewe, Diana, continued her remarkable show season, having already picked up three interbreed titles at county shows this summer.

The ewe, from the Worcs-based partnership, is by a bought-in tup and out of a homebred ewe. She will now head to the Royal Welsh before going home to join the partnership’s 150-ewe Elmwick flock, run alongside 1000 Mule ewes.

In the Suffolk lines, the championship was taken by a tup lamb from John Sinnet’s Stockton flock, with reserve coming from the Bentley flock of Tom and Charles Harding.

Among the Texels it was a second successful trip south to the Royal for Selkirk breeder Gordon Gray, taking the breed championship for the second year in succession.

Other notable successes in the sheep lines included a reserve championship in the Oxford Down section for 11-year-old Kate Dyde.


HOLSTEINS ONCE again topped the exhibits in the dairy lines, taking the interbreed award ahead of the Ayrshires.

Interbreed champion was Hefin Wilson’s fourth-calving cow Dalesend Storm Maude.

January 1998-born Maude was on her second trip to Stoneleigh and has previously won the Royal Welsh Holstein championship as well as being champion at the Welsh Dairy Show in 2002.

Maude is giving 66kg a day at 5.28% butterfat and 3.31% protein. In her third lactation she gave 16,000kg at 4.68% butterfat and 3.27% protein. Mr Wilson runs 70 cows, with a herd average of more than 10,700kg.

Standing reserve to Maude was the Ayrshire champion, a third-calving cow from the Brown family.

Sandyford Primrose 4 also boasts an impressive show record, having been interbreed champion at the Welsh Dairy Show in 2003 and champion at the south west Dairy Show in the same year.

Primrose calved with her third in September of last year and gave 11,657kg in her second lactation, at 4.54% butterfat and 3.26% protein.

The Holsteins also led the way in the dairy team of five competition and the Burke trophy this year. Reserves were Ayrshires and Jerseys, respectively.

This year’s event also saw yet another great show of Dexters, with Messrs Munn and Bell taking the breed title with their nine-year-old dry cow Aiskew Chunky 2, who is due to calve in late July.


COMPETITION IN the pig lines was some of the hottest seen for many years, with entries up 15% from 2003.

Heading the field was the interbreed champion, the Berkshire sow from Chris Coe and Kevin Major’s Warks-based Glebe Farm Berkshires herd. The sow, Jobesmajor Royal Lustre

24, is in pig with her third litter, due in September and was described by judge, Anne Petch, as a clear winner. “She was well proportioned, with good bone, a good underline, plenty of piglet capacity and well-fleshed hams.”

Standing reserve was the Large White champion, a boar from leading breeder Steve Loveless. Port Bredy Field Marshal is by Bellaghy Field Marshal and out of the homebred sow Port Bredy Beryl 703.

But in a twist to the judging, Field Marshal had earlier been beaten in the male interbreed championship by a British Lop boar from Cornwall-based breeder Julian Collings.

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