Rural romance: Heart of the Countryside – Andrew and Hannah

Welcome to the Farmers Weekly series putting country couples in the spotlight in a bid to work out what makes rural relationships tick. Here we put the questions to Andrew Oram and Hannah Sutcliffe, who met in June 2012.

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Andrew Oram
Hannah Sutcliffe

Andrew Oram Hannah Sutcliffe

What are your recollections of how/where you met?

It was a two-hour drive to meet Hannah after meeting her on Muddy Matches, so I was just glad she turned up, albeit a nervous 45 minutes late!

Smuggling our way into a National Trust property (accidentally of course!).

What do you like most about your other half?

Her backside and her ability to make a bloody good sandwich on demand.

His backside and how understanding he is of my ditzy moments.

How would describe their personality?

Hannah is a breath of fresh air, full of life and happiness.

Thoughtful, laid-back and a much-needed calming influence on a very giddy Northerner!

And their dress sense?

All very sensible except the denim dress that horrified me… and that was while it was still on the hanger.

Pretty good. Usual farmer staples: checked shirt, big boots. Not so sure about the white trousers, though.

And if you could change one thing about them what would it be?

Stop her being so clumsy – she dropped the same bottle seven times on our first date.

Nothing. He’s perfect!

Whatís the highlight of your time together?

Too many to mention! Although, taking Hannah home to Yorkshire for my first Christmas away from home and nailing victory at “Farm-opoly” is worth a mention!

Giggles in the tractor, long walks and getting to know my best friend.

What’s the most annoying habit?

Making a mess of the butter dish.

Taking his shirts and jumpers off as one item then either leaving them on the floor or folding them up and putting them away like this. Infuriating.

What’s the secret to a good relationship?

Talk about everything and have no secrets.

Laughter and being able to tell each other anything.

Are rural people more romantic than urban ones?

I couldn’t tell you, I’ve never been out with a townie.

Of course. Flowers and fine dining are overrated… it’s all about make-shift passenger seats in items of farm machinery.

Love is?

When you can’t imagine your life without it.

You don’t know until you have it, then you can’t explain it.

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