Serve up beef burger envy with this delicious recipe

Burgers are pretty ubiquitous these days. They are often the feature of gastro pub menus, and restaurants such as Honest Burger and Byron’s have built impressive empires just by being able to do them well. 

I must confess to envying their success a bit, and wanting to emulate those that make a truly delicious version of the humble burger. So to celebrate Great British Beef Week, I decided to go all out. 

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My recipe was based on Heston Blumenthal’s style of burgers, in which a decent cut of beef, in this case sirloin, is minced in-line. Keeping all the strands together isn’t easy, but it meant the patty split away easily when bitten into, and remained tender. 

For the bread, I used a light brioche bun recipe found on the New York Times website that really was straightforward and tasted great. 

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Finally, a combination of tomato, mustard and mayonnaise made a sauce, with some onion and lettuce forming the salad.

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