‘Sexy’ farmers on countdown to FW competition launch

“Definitely worth entering – give it a whirl” is what the current male holder of our Britain’s Sexiest Farmer title says about the soon-to-be launched 2015 competition


How to enter

Farmers Weekly’s Britain’s Sexiest Farmer 2015 competition, run in association with The Original Muck Boot Company, will be launched next week. See FWi and the Farmlife section of the magazine for full details of how to enter.

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Graeme Moon

Pig farmer Graeme Moon describes the year as “good fun”.

Despite confessing to being “quite shy” behind his outwardly confident persona, Graeme tried to use the publicity that came with his win to bang the drum for British farming.

“There was quite a lot of newspaper interviews and local publicity and all that has to be good for farming,” he said.

“It was an opportunity to try to spread the message a bit more about British farming.

“So many thousands of people visit the music festival at Glastonbury, just a few fields away from where we farm, but have no idea about what goes on in the surrounding countryside.

“Anything that generates interest in what we are working so hard to produce has to be good. If it’s persuaded just one extra person to buy British, then it’s been well worth doing. Being a farmer is such a hard physical job that you can be all the time just working, keeping your head above water, and forgetting to spread the message about what you do.”

Graeme’s wife’s Samantha nominated the 32 year-old dad-of-two for the award.

“I can’t say winning has changed my life; but it’s certainly been a good bit of fun.”

Graeme, whose family pig unit has 380 sows and 4,000 fatteners, had plenty of leg-pulling from his friends when they realised he had been shortlisted for the award. But he soon got over any initial bashfulness and started encouraging friends and family to vote for him.

“Yes, there was quite a bit of micky-taking to start off with,” he remembers. “But everybody soon realised that it was only a bit of fun. I would encourage anybody to give it a go – it can’t do any harm and you’ll certainly end up having a laugh about it.”

Gok Wan waxed lyrical about Graeme’s “killer eyes and strong brows” when he was announced as a winner. He also gushed about 6ft 3in Graeme’s “rugged charisma”, raving about his “muscles and lovely forearms…”

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