Submit your CAP questions for George Eustice

Farming minister George Eustice will be logging on to FWi next week (Thursday 21 November) to take your questions on the CAP consultation.

This is a unique opportunity to talk directly to a policymaker, get your questions answered and your views heard on policies that will inform how your farm is run in years to come.

You might have a question about the possibility of transferring up to 15% of funds from Pillar 1 to Pillar 2. You might want to know what certain changes will mean for the UK’s competitiveness, environment or rural economies. Or maybe you have a suggestion for how you’d like to see policies rolled out across the country.

“UK CAP funding is worth about £20bn overall, so it’s crucial we get it right,” said Mr Eustice.

“I’m looking forward to hearing ideas on how we can get the best value for money from CAP for farmers, the environment and rural communities during the next seven years.”

Farmers Weekly’s news editor Jonathan Riley will be chairing the 45-minute live event between 2-2.45pm on Thursday.

You can submit your questions now by emailing or tweeting @jonesFW with the hashtag #capreform
Alternatively, put a note in your diary to visit 2pm on Thursday, where you will find a discussion box and will be able to join the conversation in real time. A full transcript will be available immediately after the event.

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