Summer NFU election ruled a ‘distraction’

The NFU’s ruling body has decided to wait until February before it elects a new vice-president.

Following discussions at NFU Council on Monday (20 April) it was decided to leave the vice president’s position vacant until next February.

The president, deputy president, board chairmen and regional board chairmen will collectively cover the responsibilities normally undertaken by the vice president.

The position is open following the resignation of East Yorkshire farmer Paul Temple in March.
Peter Kendall, union president, said the NFU was confident all issues would continue to be fully covered.
“There are some serious political issues to be dealt with in the coming months that need our full attention.

“Council was clear that a June 2009 election would be an unnecessary and unwelcome distraction and that the NFU must spend the months ahead focusing on big policy issues, not introspective internal issues. Council was very conscious that two elections, with all the electioneering that involves, in nine months was not a good use of our time.
“Of course, having no vice president is far from ideal, but there is a strong NFU team of board and regional chairmen and senior staff. Together that team will now be able to spend all this time on fighting issues like set aside, responsibility and cost sharing, TB, EID and other policy challenges facing us on behalf of our members.”
Hustings for the elections for all officer holders, including vice president, will begin in the autumn.

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