Take part in groundbreaking TV show

Have you got a large, extended family? Are their strands of your family that you’ve fallen out of touch with but would love to be re-united with? Do you like the idea of appearing on a new landmark documentary series on BBC 2?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all three questions, then you could soon be making your screen debut, courtesy of independent TV company, Blast! Films.

It’s searching for families based in the countryside to feature in its new four-part series celebrating the British family. The show will follow different families as they prepare for and then go on a family reunion.

The get-together is for the whole extended family and will be a chance to spend an all-expenses paid weekend together in a stately home, sharing collective history, meeting more distant family members and re-establishing family bonds.

“Running a family farm often does not leave much time to relax with the family – or much of the energy required to keep relations going with more distant family members, so farming familes might like the idea of taking part,” says assistant producer Anna Llewellyn.

For more details, call Anna on 020 7267 4260.

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