The food strike – an own goal or turning point?

The farmers’ food strike might be an own goal for the industry, but alternatively it could also be a turning point, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The paper carries an opinion piece on Thursday (3 Nov) which claims that there are risks because it could lead to panic buying by consumers or even pollution, because milk is being poured away.

But it concludes: “It could also be a turning point in the battle for sympathy between farmers and retailers, with the public siding with the farmers for the first time since industrial agriculture lost the plot in the 1980s.”

The piece suggests there is a note of desperation about the strike that is unnerving.

“Whether one is a simple shopper, one of those well-renumerated people in the boardroom of a chain of supermarkets, or a minister at DEFRA, it is time to watch that milk being poured away and to reflect.”