TV documentary celebrates Ferguson’s famous tractor

Machinery enthusiasts will get a chance to learn about Harry Ferguson and the history of the Fergie tractor in a new TV documentary.

The show, which will be broadcast next Monday (8 February) on BBC ALBA at 9pm, is titled The Wee Grey Fergie.

An accomplished pilot, engineer and salesman, Harry Ferguson revolutionised farming in the early 20th century by inventing a hydraulic system still found in tractors today. He’s now so revered in his native Northern Ireland that his face now graces their £20 notes.

The show explores Ferguson’s achievements through farmers and enthusiasts of the TE20 model.

Dòmhnall Meek, from Tiree, recalls how his Dad got a Ferguson TE20 in 1946 and everyone wanted to be photographed with it. “It was very special. It was an iron horse, friendly and loyal.”

BBC ALBA is available on Digital Satellite, on Sky 168, Freesat 110 and live on BBC iPlayer.

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