Video: Grand Tour’s Clarkson, Hammond and May go farming with pick-ups

We think Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been reading Farmers Weekly lately – they’ve just tested three pick-ups that we’ve recently reviewed.

In the latest episode of The Grand Tour, the trio get behind the wheels of a Mercedes X-class, a Ford Ranger and a Volkswagen Amarok to wreak havoc in the countryside.

To demonstrate that these 4x4s are best used for much more than carting sheep from field to farmyard, Richard takes his 3.2-litre Ford for a spot of dubious ploughing.

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Meanwhile, James uses his Mercedes to power an electric saw to cut wood for fencing and Jeremy turns his V6-engined Volkswagen into an irrigation system for crops, with chaotic consequences.

While it undeniably makes for hilarious viewing, we’re not so sure that you’ll learn much about the true capabilities of these three pick-ups.

For serious farm-based verdicts that you can trust, we recommend you check out our own reviews of the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes X-class.

Watch the Grand Tour episode trailer below – and the full episode is available to watch on Amazon Prime now.

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