Video: What it’s like to farm on a small island

Farming on Bardsey Island in Wales is the opposite of most modern conventional agriculture.

The island, only half a mile at its widest point, is a national nature reserve and farming is used to help conserve the habitat and wildlife.

We hear from Gareth Roberts who has farmed here since 2007 and explains how livestock is used to control vegetation and sustain the natural environment.

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Ffermio is the only television programme in Britain that specifically deals with agricultural issues, as well as providing all the news relevant to farmers and the wider audience.

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Join the presenters, Daloni Metcalfe, Alun Elidyr and Meinir Howells, for the latest agricultural stories.

Ffermio presenters (left to right Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells, Daloni-Metcalfe

Ffermio presenters (left to right) Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells and Daloni-Metcalfe

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