Welsh sheep farmer kicks off virtual farming lessons

Tens of thousands of schoolchildren across the UK are taking part in virtual lessons which aim to bring the world of farming to the classroom.

Welsh sheep farmer Sioned Davies kicked off the week-long programme by delivering an online lesson on lambing on Monday (8 March).

Students were given virtual front-row seats in the lambing shed to experience lambs being delivered.

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“As someone who is at the start of their career in agriculture, it’s really exciting to share the opportunities within farming with the next generation,” said Ms Davies, who was brought up on a family beef, sheep and contracting farm in Powys.

“It’s even better when you get to open up a whole new world to children who may have never been on a farm, or perhaps even to the countryside.

“I have learned so much through my agricultural journey and continue to do so, for example about how we can balance food production with environmental delivery.

“By sharing my experience I hope to inspire schoolchildren to follow a career in agriculture – after all, life in farming is a constant education.”

The NFU Live lessons will teach 200,000 primary schoolchildren about science and technology in farming as part of British Science Week.

Students will be taught everything from the lifecycles of farm animals and plants, to how future technology can benefit the environment.

The NFU says the lessons are essential to teach young children about where their food comes from and how farmers look after their livestock and the environment.

Farming careers

The union hopes it will inspire more children to take up Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (Stem) subjects and also consider a career in farming.

Industry vet Navaratnam Partheeban, who will be leading Friday’s vet school lesson, said: “The high levels of animal welfare I see and practice every day is a core part of British farming.

“As a person who cares for animals for a living it’s really important to me that all generations develop an understanding of animals’ needs, health and welfare, both within farming and outside it. 

“I truly believe that getting children engaged and showing them how it’s done right will carry us well into the future.” 

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