Young farmers shout about what makes NFYFC special

Young farmers are coming together to share how being a member of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC) has benefited themselves and others.

In the wake of antisocial behaviour involving a small minority of members during the organisation’s annual convention in Blackpool earlier this month, a campaign using the hashtag #TrueYFC has been kick-started to encourage members to shout about the positive work young farmers do.

NFYFC’s chairman of council Lynsey Martin said the reputation of Young Farmers had been damaged and they needed to show that such behaviour, which led to two arrests, was not representative of the organisation or its 23,500 members.

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“I am sorry so many people have been left with a bad impression of YFC – our federation is so much more than that.

“We have a lot of work to do now to prove that and I have called on all our members to take part in a campaign called #TrueYFC to start promoting all of the positive work that we do and to encourage them to do more.

“We mustn’t lose sight of the amazing organisation that NFYFC is, the opportunities it brings to young people in rural areas and the support it gives to the next generation of farmers.”

Disciplinary process

Ms Martin said the federation is meeting with Blackpool Council and a serious review is under way into the future viability of the annual convention weekend, which this year saw about 6,100 young farmers come together in the Lancashire seaside town between 4 and 6 May.

She added those involved in antisocial behaviour incidents have been identified and disciplinary processes are taking place, including removal of membership status.