Carver Knowles takes on new man

WORCESTERSHIRE AND Glos rural consultant Carver Knowles has appointed James Higham as head of its rural agency department.


Partner Andrew Troughton said: “James can relate to farmers and understand the modern day complexities of farming businesses. 


“Issues such as the Single Payment Scheme and development opportunities create challenges in dealing with sales and it is essential to have a thorough understanding of these areas.”


Mr  Higham said: “Scarcity caused by the uncertainties of the Single Payment Scheme have given rise to high values for land. 


“This factor is now behind us and we expect more land to come on the market this autumn.  I also expect the equestrian market for land to remain buoyant particularly near to urban areas.”


Following significant successes recently, Carver Knowles will also be conducting more property auctions over coming months and are currently actively seeking entries for a late autumn collective sale.