EU needs food chain code says study

An EU-wide food chain code of conduct is needed to ensure relationships between producers and retailers are fair, the European Union has been told.

A study by the European Commission’s High Level Group on the competitiveness of the agro-food industry, said the Commission and member states should set up a forum to address relationships in the food chain.

The study picked out relationships between producers, processors, and distributors as ones that needed particularly scrutinising to check they were functioning properly.

The group, made up of member states and representatives of the European food sector, looked at issues affecting the competitiveness and sustainability of EU food production.

Looking at trade, food labelling and ‘imperfections’ in the food chain, the group was also asked to recommend ways EU policy makers could ensure the security of food production.

In addition to and EU-wide code of conduct, the group said the Commission should also look at ways to reduce the imbalances of power in the food supply chain.

The group’s recommendations set out a roadmap for Member States take in the coming years in order to protect EU food supplies.