Initial tests reveal four sheds hit by avian flu at Bernard Matthews unit

DEFRA confirmed yesterday (8 February) that four sheds on a Bernard Matthews farm near Upper Holton, Suffolk were infected by avian flu, not one shed as originally believed.

As part of DEFRA’s epidemiological investigation into the avian flu outbreak at the Bernard Matthews unit, samples were taken from the remaining 21 sheds on the farm.

Originally, officials thought that out of 22 sheds, containing 159,000 turkeys, only one shed containing a flock of 7000 birds was infected with the virus. 

But the initial DEFRA test results revealed that the avian flu virus was present in three additional sheds, despite the turkeys housed in these sheds being “clinically healthy”.

DEFRA is continuing with its tests and will make all of the results available once they are completed.

Avian flu: UK special report