Farming news from the last 24 hours


Data breach sees farm names passed to badger activists

An accountancy firm waited two months to inform clients of a data breach that eventually saw the details of more than 7,000 farmers passed to animal rights activists. The breach…


HS2 pays half of landowners late for compulsory purchase

Only half of land and property owners have received the compensation payments they should have had from HS2 within the prescribed three-month window. This is a finding by a National…


Prices top £12,000 at NSA Wales and Border ram sale

Trade topped at 12,000gns at the National Sheep Association Wales and Border’s 40th anniversary ram sale at Builth on Monday (17 September). Organisers described trade as “solid” in what has…


Farmers 'face challenge to survive without direct payments'

Experts say many farmers face a challenge to stay in business without direct payments, which the government plans to phase out after the UK leaves the European Union. The warning…


Industry coalition created to help raise farm productivity

An extensive coalition of leading industry bodies and organisations has come together to implement the AHDB’s new skills strategy and to transform agricultural productivity in the UK. Group members include…


French parliament votes against glyphosate ban, again

The French national assembly has voted against banning glyphosate use in the country for the second time in 12 months. The vote effectively gives glyphosate another three years of use…

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