R&D Tax Credits and Capital Allowances

R&D tax credits and Capital Allowance can help enhance cashflow into your business

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R&D Tax Credits

  • Reduce your corporate tax bill, cash benefit or receive a tax refund
  • Find out what activities qualify as R&D
  • Claim an average of £45,000, like hundreds of other agricultural businesses

Capital Allowances

  • Tax relief that incentivise businesses to invest in capital expenditure
  • Deducting the value of qualifying spends from profits, before calculating tax liability
  • Claim tax credits or refunds if the business is loss making

Our Process

Claiming for research and development tax relief has been made easy, with the help of our financial experts


Consultation phase

The consultation process will begin with a phone call to discuss your eligibility, followed by a meeting either on-site, phone or video call.


Discovery process

A team of tax experts will carry out a detailed discovery process, helping to uncover all eligible projects and associated costs.


Report writing

Your dedicated consultants will build a technical and financial report that will be used to substantiate your R&D claim.


Claim submission

You will receive the final report from Leyton, who will also support you in submitting your claim to HMRC.

About Leyton

We are the UK’s largest innovation funding consultancy. We work with over 6,000 innovative companies, and our unrivalled technical expertise and resources position us to help businesses of all sizes benefit from valuable government tax incentives. Working in close partnership with our clients, our highly experienced consultants and sector experts tailor bespoke strategies for each business. We thoroughly explore their business activities to ensure all potential qualifying costs are considered and the maximum benefit is achieved.

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To find out if your business is eligible, simply fill out a short form and a tax expert will contact you at a convenient time.

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