£4,000 for White Park bull

A record price of £4,000 was achieved by a White Park bull during the dispersal sale of the Collegewood herd held at Thame Market last week. The purchaser of the bull – Catfield Ivan – was Mark Leatham of Dorset.

The dispersal sale was held due to the retirement of White Park council member, John Barker. The Collegewood herd of White Parks has been owned by John for 25 years. All 55 Lots were sold following keen bidding with many of the cattle being bought by existing White Park members to improve their herds. One new herd was also created.

After the sale John Barker commented: “It is pleasing to know that much of the stock has gone to members’ herds and that at least one new herd has been created. One of the principal aims of the Collegewood herd has been to conserve the unique gene pool they represent.”