5000gns bid for Vantastic son

Vantastic son Overthwaite Estimate has just been knocked down at 5000gns. This is out of Overthwaite Basis, a Sympa daughter.

Another then sold at the same money shortly after, this was Calla Eric from David Baillie. He is by Haltcliffe Underwriter and out of Calla Uppity, a Middledale Scoobydoo daughter. He went with a beef value of +33.

Selling at 4500gns was Crossdykes Elvis, a Culnagechan Bullseye son from James Common. This is out of Crossdykes Ursula, a Redpaths Pelican daughter and has a beef value of +29.

And making 4000gns was Emslies Einstein (lot 96) the first of Harry Emslies trio of Oxygene sons out of Pennys Tess. He went with a beef value of +33.

The next of Harry’s the same way bred, Emslies Elnino (lot 100) then made 4200gns. He has a beef value of +36.

And making its mark at 10,500gns was the best bull of the trio which stood first in the class yesterday. The same way bred again with a beef value of +34.