8500gns sale for Angus Netherton Flyhalf

One of the best from the Netherton string, Flyhalf has just been through and sold for 8500gns to Bill Bruce, Logie. This one is again by Mr Eshton and out of Netherton Flora. He has a TSI of +34 and SRI of +39.

Then two lots later their other, Netherton Booze Cruise sold at 3000gns.

And the next lot, Old Glenort Viking from James Porter sold at 4500gns. This one is by Mr Eshton again and out of Old Glenort Victoria.

The next lot in the ring, this time from the judge Alistair Clark sold at 8000gns to Mr King. This is Duncanziemere Evasion a son of Newcairnie Pastor.