A tale of two sales

Today’s Hockenhull Simmental dispersal has just got me thinking about the speed at which sales are conducted.

A fortnight ago I was fortunate enough to be at Beeston Castle when Wright Manley hosted the Sale for the Century sale of Holsteins. On that day there were 87 lots forward and selling took in excess of five hours with the top price being 18,500gns, there were no less than three changes of auctioneer.

All in all it seemed at the time and more so since a long and drawn out affair with the auctioneers reading out every detail of the animal’s pedigree going back some four or five generations in each case.

Now, contrast that with today’s Hockenhull sale at the same venue, the catalogue contained 100 lots (including semen) and a good number of A lots too. Selling began at 12 noon and was done and dusted inside of two and a half hours, with a top call of 14,000gns achieved. Only limited pedigree details would have been read out and anyone wanting to know more would have had to do their homework in advance.

Of course all the Holsteins were haltered, adding a little to the time taken to get them to and from the ring, but overall it leaves me wondering just what took the time a fortnight ago. I’m not necessarily saying either is right or wrong, but bearing in mind the quality of seating round most auction rings I know which I’d rather!!