Acklington Park Holsteins top at 3000gns

Wednesday’s dispersal of the Acklington Park herd of Holsteins at Carlisle on behalf of Messrs Howie, Morpeth hit a top of 3000gns when a Moet Racy Russel daughter was claimed by Messrs Howie, Morwick. This one is from a Lord Lily sired dam  and sold fresh calved in her fourth lactation.

Next best at 2800gns was an Audhutton Adonis daughter which calved in April. This 2007-born entry is out of a dam by B-Y-U Mandel Bombay which gave 7703 as a heifer and 10,330 in her second. She  headed home with J T and E M Marrs and Son, Broomhills.

Then at 2500gns the same buyers claimed a Silverpost Sinatra daughter out of a dam by Kregnol Madel S-Man. This one gave 8169 in her first and calved again at the end of April.

And at 2400gns they took the next highest priced lot too, this time a March 2005-born daughter of Sinatra going back to a grand dam by Singing-Brook N-B Mascot. She gave 9020 in her first lactation and was sold having calved again in March and being projected to give 12689 in her second.

Another at the same value was also by Sinatra, this time a December calved cow out of a dam by Mandel which gave 9722 in her first lactation and is on the way to a projected 11,957 in her second. Buying this one was Alan Hutton, Ayr.

And at 2300gns was a Rockalli Bradley daugter which calved with her first in March and gave 421 in the first 12 days of her heifer lactation. This one sold to Messrs Marrs again.