Additions to bullproof challenge Oman bloodlines

Results from the August 2011 Holstein proof run from DairyCo Breeding+ reveal several new additions to the top 20 challenging the traditional Oman bloodlines.

The leading position was retained by Lynbrook Jancen, with a profitable lifetime index (PLI) of £251, based on his daughters’ high milk production, good fitness traits and good lifespan.

New bulls entering the top 20 since the previous proof run in April include ALH Dakota who ranks second with a PLI of £248. This Oman son’s major attractions are high milk production, low cell counts and improved fertility in his daughters.

Pirolo Goldwyn Wyman – one of five sons of Goldwyn to make the top 20 – a new entrant to the top 10, jumps 34 PLI points to £241, matching that of Crockett-Acres Eight.

While Morningview Levi enters the top 10 in equal ranking with Long-Langs Oman Oman, with a PLI of £230. He is one of the first Oman grandsons out of Morningview Oman Libby, the full sister to number 12 ranking Morningview Legend.

The top daughter fertility improvers were McCormick (PLI £222) and Garner (PLI £221), which rank as number one and two daughter fertility index bulls in the group with +7.4 and +5.4.

While the UK-tested Ballycairn Tiergan ranks 12th, he is considered the third highest non-Oman bloodline UK and international bull. He offers high fat, good fitness traits and solid type.

The non-Holstein breeds’ August 2011 proof run was dominated by Jersey bull DJ Lix who tops the £200 PLI barrier. A Q Lor son from a high milk production maternal line in Denmark, his proof traits includes solid production, strong udders and good fitness.

The Friesian rankings were dominated by Deangate Osbert with a PLI of £186, followed by Bradash Tournament with a PLI of £172.

While the Ayrshire number one position was given to Swedish Red sire G Edbo, with a PLI of £197 based on high protein weight and good lifespan.

Commenting on the rankings, DairyCo head of genetics Marco Winters said: “It’s always worth a reminder that genetic indexes should not be compared across breeds.

“As with all breeding choices, I’d recommended screening on PLI first, and then looking through the shortlisted bulls’ proofs to pick out those with the best strengths to meet their own breeding goals.”

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