AgriLive Smithfield 09:New calf tub an alternative to prescription medicine

A new molasses –based lick containing botanical ingredients which could help prevent diarrhoea and pneumonia, saw its launch at AgriLIVE Smithfield.

Calf Tub Plus from feed supplement specialist Dallas Keith contains the herb oregano which is proven to help reduce levels of diarrhoea caused by intestinal diseases and to improve faecal consistency.

The formulation also contains eucalyptus and menthol to help clear the respiratory system and promote easy breathing. The molasses base is a good source of energy, while the addition of minerals helps promote a healthy immune system.

Calf Tub Plus provides cattle breeders with an alternative to prescription medicine, said Dallas Keith’s Chris Willett. “We believe there is a move away from prescription only medicines in this area of livestock management and these Calf Tub Plus licks give farmers an alternative remedy that has the extra benefit of no withdrawal period.

The product is designed to be fed ad-lib and supplied in 10kg plastic buckets.

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