ASDA puts turkey in top Christmas spot with 17th century breed

ASDA has reintroduced a traditional 17th century turkey breed this month in a bid to make turkey the nation’s favourite seasonal roast, after a recent survey revealed that it was no longer the favourite choice for Christmas.

When surveyed, 33% of customers said that they would be tucking into delicacies such as guinea fowl, duck and goose this year compared to only 10% last year. A massive 57% said that they would be very happy to try something different.

In a bid to get the nation eating turkey again, ASDA joined forces with Norfolk Farms to reintroduce a traditional breed of turkey – The Extra Special Blue Slate – an exclusive 3-4kg breed (the perfect weight for a turkey) from the 1800’s.

ASDA’s exclusive Blue Slate birds are raised free range in a natural environment, fed on an organic grain and are able to fly into surrounding trees.