Attention turns to cattle work for Robert Neill

With winter barley all drilled, we turned our attention to cattle work. Every calf on the farm has had their first pneumonia vaccine and has been wormed; so next week they are all due their second pneumonia injection.

This will allow us to start weaning cows and calves in the middle of November. We have also clipped all finishing stock that seemed to be sweating quite badly due to the warm weather at the beginning of October.

Finished cattle prices are holding up well and we are selling steers at an all time high. Animals weighing 600kg are making in excess of £1,300.

Our new grain store is getting close to completion. At present we are storing wheat and feeding barley in cattle courts, which will be moved into the new store once the concrete floor has had time to set properly. Having waited this long for the shed we are not going to ruin the newly laid floor by driving on it before we should.

We are waiting now for the electricity supply to be connected in order for the shed to finally be completed. The monopoly held by the power company is of great concern to us. The work had to be paid for in advance and so we made a payment in May.

Over the last few weeks we have struggled to track down anyone within the company who knows anything about the job and who will take responsibility for arranging for the work to be done. We will continue to make the regular phone calls and hopefully we will have more news next month.

Farmer focus: Robert Neill

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