Bakewell Mules reach £152 a head

An entry of 9,065 saw runs of top quality sheep and met a solid trade at Bakewell Market on Wednesday (24 September).

Solid trade at Bakewell Market

Solid trade at Bakewell Market

Mules peaked at £152 a head for a pen from MRP Critchlow, Hartington. Next at £130 a head was a pen from G Ford, Lyme Handley. Tied at £120 a head were Mules again from MRP Critchlow and also P Hallam, Tintwhistle. Quality pens regularly topped £100.

The overall average of £80.26 was considered satisfactory for the 3,202 Mules on offer.

There was a big increase in Texel and Suffolk cross interest this year and trade was flying from start to finish.

Leading the prices were a pen of Suffolk crosses from WS Hudson, Ilam, knocked down to £108. A pen of Texel crosses from D and L Wain, Ilam, closely followed at £102.


Averages: 3,202 Mules, 80.26; 2,361 Texel crosses, £75.96; 1,671 Suffolk crosses, £75.91; Charollais, £76; Mashams, £82; Zwartbles, £80; Swaledales, £70.