Bath and West 2011: Individual Pig Results

Berkshire:  Sue Fildes’ sow Dittisham Farewell 6; res, Mr Brian Merry’s boar Pinehurst Peter Lad 3rd


British Lop:  Mr Giles Eustice’s gilt Bezurrell Actress 256; res, Mr Giles Eustice’s gilt Bezurrell Actress 248


British Saddleback:  Mr J Newth’s boar Prestcombe Golden Arrow 6; res, Mrs Sharon Groves’ breeding sow Watchingwell Octavia 2 


Duroc or Hampshire:  Mr S J S Loveless’ boar Portbredy Nancy; res, AP & PC Rose’s sow Maddaford Hover 40


Gloucestershire Old Spots:  Mr J Newth’s gilt Shepton Muriel 10; res, Sharon Barnfield’s boar Kilcot Patrick


Landrace:  Mr J Newth’s sow Prestcombe Vega 11; res, Mr J Newth’s animal Prestcombe Hawk


Large Black:  P G Snell & Sons’ gilt Sock Doreen 186th; res, Mr & Mrs S Westron’s gilt Choller Black Lady 10


Large White:  Mr B A Beck’s gilt Panorama Beryl 25; res, Mr B A Beck’s boar Portbredy Prince 2112


Middle White:  Mr Brian Merry’s animal Pinehurst Rajah 2nd; res, Mr Brian Merry’s animal Pinehurst Fairlady 15th


Oxford Sandy & Blacks:  Mrs M F and Mr A Case’s gilt Longash Duchess 44; res, Mr David Norman’s boar Ansty Alexander 3


Tamworth:  Boyton Farm’s sow Berkswell Princess 52; res, Boyton Farm’s gilt Berkswell Golden Rose 39


Welsh:  Mr B Bovingdon’s boar Danleebar Emperor 80; res, Ken Austin’s gilt Burry Theresa 285


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