EBLEX offers virtual carcass tool

As part of the Better Returns Programme and in a bid to improve carcass selection techniques across the industry, EBLEX has launched an interactive tool to allow producers a more practical demonstration of selection techniques.

Designed not as a substitute for live cattle, but to complement demonstrations and for situations where it is not possible to feature livestock, the program allows producers to see a computer-generated beef animal change conformation and fat class from every angle.

To be used at demonstrations and technical events, the Virtual Selection Tour also highlights key data and information regarding carcase cuts and yield data, including a spreadsheet facility that calculates the total saleable meat from a carcass.

It is hoped the program will enable the accurate classification and selection message to be taken to a larger number of producers, said EBLEX north east regional manager Steve Powdrill.

“Often producers take notice of the back end. However, it is the whole carcass that needs to be appraised and this tool provides grade comparisons at a touch of a button.”

Images can be stripped down to show different cuts, fat deposits and carcass characteristics for each EU breed specification, Mr Powdrill added.

“In giving producers this information, they can better tailor breeding and finishing to suit the market, which will benefit the whole supply chain,” he said.

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