Gloucester cattle breeder gets kids involved

Sally Jones is an enthusiastic Gloucester cattle and Dorset Horn sheep breeder.

She also is keen on getting children involved in showing livestock and has a team of teenagers who travel with her from event to event, gaining first-hand experience of the “showing scene”.

“The children get the chance to compete at county level if they are up to it, and learn many different aspects about animal husbandry,” she says.

“I endeavour to involve my own children as well as others into the farming community and country life, which I feel a lot of children miss out on. We need to start them off young, making it fun. Then they can decide if they wish to continue when they are older.”

The following is a selection of photos of the kids in action from this season’s shows:

The team….

kids show 1

Getting ready…..

kids show 3

kids show 8

kids show 12

At the show….

kids show 11

kids show 6

Cleaning up….

kids show 4

The team once more

kids show 2

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