Unwillingness to extend credit puts farm assurance membership at risk

A Yorks beef producer threatened with the cancellation of his farm assurance scheme membership has expressed anger and disappointment over the company’s refusal to extend credit until his single farm payment arrives.

The producer, who wished to remain anonymous, sells about 500 head of beef a year, mostly on a deadweight basis.

He says his marketing options will be severely limited unless his beef is assured.

However, he has been warned that his current EFSIS-FABBL membership will be cancelled unless he pays his annual farm assurance bill.

“All my other suppliers have been very understanding,” he says.

“There is no question of not paying; it’s just that money is tight at the moment.

“I have explained to EFSIS-FABBL that I am experiencing cash-flow difficulties, but their response has been unsympathetic.

I could understand it if all membership renewals came in at the same time, but they have a rolling system for joining.”

A spokesman for EFSIS-FABBL told Farmers Weekly that membership could be extended for up to two months, if producers were experiencing payment problems.

But the company was not in a position to offer any further credit facilities, said the spokesman.