Bluetongue vaccine has no effect on semen quality

Ram semen quality isn’t affected by bluetongue vaccination, a study has shown.

Research by Merial Animal Health showed vaccination with BTVPUR AIsap8 had no negative effects on the quality of ram semen.

The study which was conducted in France compared rams vaccinated with Merial’s killed vaccine compared to those not vaccinated. Two doses of BTVPUR AISap 8 were given during a 21 day period and semen samples analysed for quality of movement, motility parameters and percentage alive.

Overall analysis of the sperm showed there was no difference in semen parameters between vaccinated rams and non-vaccinated rams.

These results will hopefully help reassure farmers, said Merial vet advisor Brian Rice.

“The experiment showed there was no significant difference in semen quality between vaccinated rams and non-vaccinated rams. As such, farmers can be reassured using BTVPUR AISap 8 will have no effect on ram fertility.”