Bolus aids fight against lameness

The world first biotin bolus could help in the fight against lameness by improving hoof health.

Agrimin’s All-Trace Biotin Gold is suitable for dry cows and heifers at risk from lameness, which could affect up to 20% of the UK national herd.

Biotin synthesis can be reduced by 50% during the drying-off period when feed intake is low and further to this research also shows the risk of lameness caused by white line separation was halved in cattle supplemented with 20mg Biotin a day.

Therefore, Biotin Gold will not only deliver the target level of 20mg a head a day over 120 days, it will also deliver the full, daily requirement of copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine as well as levels of zinc, manganese and vitamins A, D3 and E.

For dry cows, the recommendation is two boluses given to each cow at the point of drying off. Heifers also respond well to Biotin supplementation particularly during the later stages of pregnancy.

All Trace Biotin Gold is available in packs of 20, which will supplement 10 cows or heifers at a cost of about £9.50 an animal for two boluses.

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